Thursday, August 09, 2007

Did You Know Playwrights Have Blogs?

So once again I am going through the Google alerts I receive to find out who is trash talking Rorschach in the blog-o-sphere. Sometimes it isn't trash talk but instead people who are genuinely excited to be working with us. Jason Grote who some of you may remember is the playwright for next summer's Premiere of This Storm is What We Call Progress, has been kind enough to link this blog on his page for quite a while now.

The mention in his Wednesday's Post, A Big Hello to All You Fascists Out There in Internet Land!, examines who exactly is visiting his blog. This is a topic that we here at the Rorschach Blog take very seriously.

Once again someone doing a web search typed in Blessed Be the Ties That Bind, a hymn title which I referenced a year and a half ago when showing pictures of the various knots used to secure the actors of Fair Ladies . . . in their costumes. So there is a church group somewhere in America who keeps coming to the Rorschach Blog looking for song lyrics.

Read what Jason has to say about certain elements and his run in with the INS and folks trying to determine whether he is a self-hating Jew. And he also mentions the fact that Rorschach is doing his play next summer. Jason is a great writer and I recommend if you have a couple of extra minutes take a look at his blog, The Inauguration of the Jason Grote Dome.

Second, but no less important, Gwydion Suilebhan is excited to be writing for our upcoming Myth-Appropriation: Brothers Grimm event. Follow our link for more details but Gwydion does a pretty fantastic job of summing up the project on his blog, Things I Hate (and/or Love). His Wednesday Post, Things I Love #699 is a great way to see the excitement that is building about Rorschach's Next Big Thing.

I encourage all of you to read these guys blogs and get an even better peek behind the curtain into not just how Rorschach produces plays but where those plays come from in the first place.

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Jason Grote said...

Thanks for the link, DC! Very excited.