Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Rorschach Are You?

Click here and take our new exciting on-line test to see How Rorschach are you?

You are 81% Rorschach!

I am impressed. You know who we are, you get where we are going and I would even say given a little time you might consider yourself one of the tribe. Not quite yet though.

How Rorschach are you?
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Peong said...

Ummm... 81%? Didn't you make the quiz?

DCepticon said...

I was testing it. I can get a hundred any time I want to bucko.

Anonymous said...

i'm 74%.

i'm probably the only one who remembers the nuances of crab boy (linkins w/ claws on gloves) versus lobster boy (timmy w/ oven mitts).

or how my kitchen smelled for weeks after the creation of crab boy. ack.