Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Side Man (or Woman)

There are so many projects that Rorschach family members engage in when they aren't in Rorschach shows.

Many of those projects are theater related, working for other theaters and the like, but many of them are film and even internet related.

One of our company members has some contacts in a certain civil liberties organization and when the call went out for some voice over work for some flash animation, Rorschach company members and alums answered the call.

See if you recognize the voices in this spot regarding Surveillance and Pizza.

And here is a little piece called the Adventures of Average Joe.

Finally here is a film project called The Chase starring Rorschach Company members Grady and Karl. Look towards the end for a guest appearance by Rorschach Board Member Ben Hill.

Dig Karl's hat people! Dig it!

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