Thursday, August 23, 2007

Business Day

There is a beginning to everything.

First off thank you to everyone who voted in the DC Theatre Scene's People's Choice Awards yesterday.

Lorraine Treanor at DC Theatre Scene sent me this email:

Our Back-Up Plan
In case of a tie, we'll have a wrestling match.
Would like to see you go up against Michael Kahn and Gabriella against Nancy Robinette. Now THAT's entertainment! Thanks for ratcheting up the excitement.

Gabi and References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot have pulled ahead of all the nominated actresses and shows, but there is still more work to do. If you haven't voted vote, if you think it might be worth sending an email out to your friends to have them vote, please do so. This thing is in our grasp until someone else starts lobbying harder than we do. Vote HERE if you haven't already and read below if you need a refresher on the 411.

Two big new play events coming up in the following weeks. The first one is Rorschach's contribution to the Kennedy Center's Annual Page to Stage Event. Rorschach's Co-Artistic Director Randy Baker, will be having a preview of the first Episode of his new work Dream Sailors on Saturday, September 2nd at 5:30 p.m. in the Family Theater at that Big Theater on the Potomac.

Dream Sailors will play out over four episodes and will receive its World Premiere this Spring as part of Rorschach's Season 8.

The event is free and you can make a day of it or even a weekend as other theaters will be giving free readings of new works. This is a great event and fantastic way to see some of your favorite actors, directors and especially playwrights bring life to new words and works.

In the same vein of getting in on new works, how about seeing six of them in one night.

Rorschach proudly announces, our own new annual event. Myth-Appropriations will bring 6 playwrights, together with 6 directors and numerous actors and designers to bring six new plays to life in just six days.

The plan is that each year a different set of myths, fairy tales and sagas will be tapped for their dramatic potential and will be fully produced in just 6 days. This year the playwrights will tackle the works of The Brothers Grimm. Yes, all of those warm stories of sibling torture, children being eaten and matricide of your childhood will be brought to theatrical life in about the same amount of time that it takes a lot of shows to simply get through a first read and table work.

Here are some of the folks who will bring this thing to life:
WRITTEN BY Norman Allen, Randy Baker, Ally Currin, James Hesla, Jacqueline E. Lawton, Gwyddion Suilebhan
DIRECTED BY Jessi Burgess, Michael Dove, Dan pruksarnukul, Patrick Torres, Catherine Tripp, Andy Wassenich
DESIGNED BY David Ghatan, Robbie Hayes, Debra Kim Sivigny
FEATURING Evan Casey, Jenny Corbett, Nicola Daval, Christopher Dinolfo, Daniel Eichner, Dana Edwards, Heather Gaither, Maggie Glauber, Jeremy Goren, Michael Grew, Cesar Guadamuz, Lauren Krizner, Jason Linkins, John Michael MacDonald, Adrienne Nelson, Sasha Olinick, Helen Pafumi, Ghillian Porter, Betsy Rosen, Mark Ross, Jesse Terrill, Amanda Thickpenny, Wendy Wilmer, Simone Zvi
PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell Frederick

Participants are subject to change. But you know you want to be there.

Tickets are just $10 and there are only two shows. So if you want to book your seats early for this one night only event on September 8th at 8 and 10 p.m. I suggest you follow this link and do so now or call 1-800-494-TIXS.

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