Thursday, May 31, 2007

Audition Workshops Start This Weekend

Do you dread public embarrassment as much as I do?
Do you fear rejection?
Has it been a couple years since you dusted off that old Neil Simon monologue you have in your back pocket for rainy days?
Have you signed up for League of Washington Theater Auditions in two short weeks and still have no idea what the hell you are going to do?
This is the weekend that Rorschach can help you help yourself.
Most of you probably have received at least 2 if not 3 emails regarding the incredible Audition Workshops being offered by Rorschach over the next two weekends. birds director and casting pro Wendy McClellan (sorry Wendy the only picture I have of you is your back) is offering 4 amazing workshops just in time to get all of us ready to face the mob at Leagues.
So if you have ever and I mean ever:
- Chosen a completely age inapproprite monologue .
- Gone up during a monologue.
- Begun to uncontrollably shake in front of a group of auditors.
- Ever taken your shoes off to audition.
- Made the mistake of doing Shakespeare, Mamet, or a poem you really really like.
- Worn what I can only think was a shirt 2 sizes too small for you when you bought it.
You need to come to at least one of these four fantastic workshops.
For more details visit our Work Shop Web Page.
All sessions 9am-11:30am
June 2: The Business of Auditions
June 3: Monologues
June 9: The “Cattle Call”
June 10: Cold Readings
$50 per session or $175 for all four classes
If you register for all four, receive a FREE BONUS Image Consultation Session with costume designer Debra Kim Sivigny.
For questions call 202-452-5538 or email

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Anonymous said...

i think the picture of wendy's back makes her look "mysterious"