Friday, September 08, 2006

The Office Part II

If you were to go through my desk you would find lots non-work related things, like dozens of scripts I have accumulated over the years, a bottle of wine that was given to me last Christmas which I have placed in the bottom right hand drawer of my desk (aka: The Wine Cellar), a small figurine of Thor Norse God of Thunder, and about sixty CDs that I only have time to listen to at work (that James Taylor disk sure gets a work out. If you look closely at the bulletin board to my right you will see all of the Rorschach post cards from last season. Many of these post cards started their lives in this very office as I sat in my chair and thought to myself what part of the female body haven't we used yet.

Here is the view from my window here on Wisconsin Ave. Rodman's is one of those stores that doesn't know what it is. Sometimes liquor store, sometimes grocery store and if you take the escalator to the basement you can find the drug store right next to the rat poison and mothballs. Sometimes I wander over and find bargains, like when I found the Sopranos Season 2 on VHS for 8 bucks. Talk about a bargain.

Yesterday DC Mayorial Candidate Linda Cropp was across the street pressing the flesh with the electorate. A reminder to everyone in the District if you actually want your vote count in the District remember the Democratic Primary is this Tuesday. If you are a Republican there is some sort of ceremonial vote in November where you get to affirm the token Republicans who get to be on the County Council, so no one really needs to show up in November.

Finally I show you the photos that deck my book shelf. An odd collection of show pictures and various nephews and neice pics.

I hope you all have enjoyed this two part look into my day life. I hope I have shed a little light on what it is I do with my day time hours, until that big check comes through, fingers crossed for that prize patrol visit I have been waiting for.

If anyone else would like to share their work life in picture and essay form I would be glad to help. I make this offer to the company and to anyone who reads this blog and wants to share with the provision that you have to also talk about what Rorschach means to you.

Later everyone and peace!

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