Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Office Part I

As many of you are aware all of the people who work for Rorschach have to hold down day jobs in order to partake of this business we call show. Some as the cliche goes wait tables and yet others of us are wage slaves at various businesses around the region.

I thought you all might like a glimpse into the work place that I call home, The Wilkes Company.

The Wilkes Company is a small commercial development company here in the District. What exactly does that mean? Well we do a lot of different things; we rent warehouses, we own self-storage facilities in DC and Maryland and we also help develop new buildings including a brand spanking new condo development downtown. What do I do specifically? Well the short answer is I do a lot of making sure things get done. In any one day I will deal with the banking deposits, research zoning law for various jurisdictions, deal with utility companies, tell my boss what is wrong with his computer and create fun spread sheets. I am a wiz with a spread sheet.

Above you will see our lobby. Please not the plant on the reception desk, I have named him Arthur. To the right please note our kitchen and lunch area.

I have been working at The Wilkes Company for nearly five years now. When we started we were in a warehouse space somewhere near Takoma Park in NW. Since then we have moved to these swank new offices near the Maryland-DC border on Wisconsin. This is highly convenient for me because I can hop a bus at my apartment in Silver Spring and be at Friendship Heights in about 25 minutes. I enjoy my time on the bus it gives me a chance to stare at people driving.

Since the move I have gotten my own office with windows and a door. When you consider that previous to this I was in a room with no source of natural light you can see why I am so excited.

Tomorrow see what my office and desk look like, the view from my window and what pictures I have put up.


The Trendy Tailor said...

so does this begin a new survey of what we all do for an alternative living?

DCepticon said...

If you would like to patricipate please feel free to send it along, you know I will publish.

Anonymous said...

I have a plant in my office. His name is Planty. maybe they can be friends?

The Deceiver said...

Uhm, for reasons I won't get into here, I won't be revealing where I work. Just suffice it to say: I work in the publishing industry and I get paid to play with websites.