Monday, September 11, 2006

Designing Our Monster

More Monster news from director Randy Baker in response to the following question from commentor Ellen who writes:

ellen said...
Yes! Who are the designers!?

The designers so far for MONSTER are

SET - Deb Sivigny
Deb is stepping outside of her costume designer role to design the set... this is Deb's first set design outside of college... and yes. There will be fabric in this set. But really COOL fabric.

COSTUMES - Erin Nugent
Totally cool new designer fresh out of NC school for the arts (NCSA is really becoming the new Middlebury for the Washington Area). She's one of those Keenan fellows that the Kennedy Center supports for a year. She's rad.

LIGHTING - David Ghatan
You may remember him.

No sound designer yet!


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The Trendy Tailor said...

contrary to popular belief, I do know how to use a screwgun and saw.