Thursday, September 07, 2006


Some of the favorites you have come to love at Rorschach and a lot of new folks take the stage in just under two months as Rorschach presents Neal Bell's adaptation of Mary Shelley's shocking and timeless classic of mankind treading in the realm of the gods themselves and creating life, Frankenstein. Monster will open on October 31st, will you be ready?

Join Artistic Director Randy Baker as he directs Rorschach favorites like Paul McLane (The Scarlet Letter and Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards) and Resident Company Member Jason Linkins (The Master and Margarita, The Scarlet Letter and Behold!) along with lots of new faces and talent.

I can't wait to be scared ladies and gentlemen and I hope you feel the same way. Here is the rest of the cast:

WALTON Paul McLane
VICTOR Jeremy Goren
CLERVAL Jon Reynolds
MOTHER Nicky Daval
JUSTINE Tiernan Madorno
WILLIAM Ryan Nealy
MONSTER Robert (Bobby) Rector

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Yes! Who are the designers!?