Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Model Behavior

So much work goes into developing a show. Even when you work on a limited budget like we do at Rorschach designers and directors still find a way to not only realize a vision but also find a way to embrace the limitations and use them to their advantage.

It hase long been a tradition among our set designers to use the architecture of the space to their advatage. Going back to our very first show at Casa, Lord of the Flies, set designers like Matt Soule and David Ghatan have used the contours of the space to create memorable and sets in which to enact our plays.

Picking up the gauntlet this time is our oft times costume designer and company member Deb Sivigny. As you will see in the model above Deb has taken inspiration from both the story of Frankenstein and his Monster as well as from the environment at Casa. Using one of the stain glass windows as a focal point of the set, she has created a plunging raked deck of a ship locked in the ice, as Victor Frankenstein tells his tale of science gone mad to the Captain of a doomed ship trapped in the Arctic.

Construction is already under way and we are all looking forward to seeing this monster of a set come to life.

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