Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Arghs and Crafts

Avast me maties!
Being that it is International Talk Like Pirate Day, I reckoned this would be a fine day to introduce a little thing I like to call "Things To Do With the Crap on Your Desk." Part arts and crafts and part procrastination.
Here is what you will need to complete todays project:

Sheet of Plain White Paper
Black Sharpie
A Pair of Scissors
Single Hole Punch
About a Dozen Paper Clips

1. Take the sharpie and draw a half an oval on the sheet of paper. Make it big enough to cover your eye and then color in the half oval with the sharpie. If you don't have a sharpie you could use a black colored pencil or crayon. If you want to get even more creative you could draw a pirate themed picture on the paper like a skull and cross bones or a picture of Orlando Bloom.

2. Cut out your eye patch with the scissors. Kids be sure to ask your mom or dad for help if the scissors are too sharp.

3. Now use the hole punch to place a whole in the opposite corners at the top of the eye patch. If you don't have a hole punch you can carefully use the scissors to make the holes.

4. Now using the paper clips make a chain which is long enough to go around your head. If you want you can substitute string for paper clips.

5. Take each end of the paper clip chain and place it through one of the holes in your eye patch.

6. Place it over your eye and you have a pirate costume fit for a king.

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