Friday, September 01, 2006

birds. Reading at the KC

Tried to make that headline funny but I failed. Just in case like me you are going absolutely nowhere this weekend and like hearing attractive people read out of scripts on Lazy Sunday Afternoons at the Kennedy Center I remind you that we have just the show for you. Come and see some of my favorite people including Jason Linkins, Emerie Snyder and James Denville. There are some other folk too but those are the ones I could remember.

This is a chance to see birds. up close and personal. There will be dozens of others shows being read this weekend at the Page-to-Stage event, so if the weather is as craptastic as it is today come and check these new works out. Here is a link to Potomac Stages for a full run down and schedule.

A workshop presentation of
Jennifer Maisel's dark-as-night urban fairy tale
Directed by Wendy McClellan Sunday, September 3 at 2pm The Kennedy Center FAMILY THEATER Part of the Kennedy Center's PAGE TO STAGE FESTIVAL

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