Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Talk About The Hotness

When you have a theatre company you want reviews like the on that 1001 got in the Post on Saturday. You want a review that is fair minded, supportive and good.

Peter Marks in the Washington Post had this to say about our show:

Stories, stories and more stories: They wrap themselves around one another like the strands of a double helix in "1001," Jason Grote's urbane, contemporary riff on the tales of the Arabian nights, staged with a pleasing, all-hands-on-deck gusto by Rorschach Theatre.

As it did last summer with Grote's "This Storm Is What We Call Progress," the troupe -- formerly ensconced in a church in Columbia Heights -- is starting a season at Georgetown University's Davis Performing Arts Center with a play by this restlessly cerebral dramatist.
Read the whole review HERE, but long story short, this is a great review for a great show. Don't miss out my lovelies, this is another Rorschach show not to be missed!

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