Friday, June 19, 2009

Jason Grote Comes to Town and Love from The Sentinel

We all like a good story. In fact, we like a lot of good stories, which may explain why Western audiences have always been fascinated with the Tales of the Arabian Nights with their mixture of adventure, mysticism and exotic locations.

Those stories seem timeless, and in the excellent production of Jason Grote’s intellectual yet rambunctious play 1001, currently at Rorschach Theater, those tales become literally timeless, working in an imaginary past as well as an all too familiar contemporary world.
-David Cannon, The Sentinel

Thanks David for reminding us all how wonderful Jason's play is.

Speaking of Jason Grote, he'll be at 1001 tonight. After the show he will have a talk back with the audience, so get your questions ready.

Get your asses over to G-town to see this amazing show, that audiences love and critics can't stop praising! Just two weekends left. And if you are afraid to come into the city at night, come and join us for one of our two Sunday Matinees.

Much love!

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