Monday, June 15, 2009

Keeping Trey Graham Awake

Did I mention last week that Trey Graham at The Washington City Paper liked 1001 a great deal as well?

Well if I didn't here goes:

Local companies not caring much about a critic’s sleep schedule, or his overtaxed vocabulary, the week’s theatergoing schedule served up another riot of excess. Truth be told, though, it’s a pretty damn entertaining batch of excess.

The most intellectually ambitious of this lot is probably 1001, Jason Grote’s dreamy, nested-narratives rethink of the Scheherazade fable, which weaves a strain of modern existential angst into the fabric of those ancient tales. Things get underway in King Shahriar’s Persia, as usual, but once the storyteller lady (a briskly assertive Yasmin Tuazon) starts spinning her endless yarns, several of them turn out to be set in climes even more exotic than Ali Baba’s cave, an island called Man Hat being one of them.

Read the rest HERE.

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