Monday, June 01, 2009

1001 Gets Some Love

Hello my sweets! It has been a while hasn't it. But here I am at your beck and call. I have things to tell you...

Summer starts here and summer starts now. First I show you a picture of 1001 by Jason Grote. It is sexy, no? I have many more photos and I have questions and answers from the cast and crew which I will begin to parse out tomorrow.

First however I share with you the first love letter sent to the cast and crew of 1001. This missive comes from Tim Treanor and the kids over at DC Theatre Scene. Tim writes:

Good storytelling is a sort of fearless magic act, in which events move too quickly to tolerate objection. This is certainly how Scheherazade treats her murderous husband, telling her stories with confidence and at the speed of life, heedless of her impending doom. And this is the way that director Randy Baker and the rest of the Rorschach troupe tell this story: with such assurance and commitment that the impossible seems true - here is a magic lamp!

There is more to behold so go and read the whole review HERE!

Tomorrow: Get to Know is Back!

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