Friday, June 26, 2009

Brainpeople in The Post Weekend Section

Want to know what goes on behind the scenes and in a Rorschach director's head?

Well you can read some pretty cool things that Rorschach Company Member and director of Brainpeople had to say about the show in a great interview with Chris Klimek in The Post's Weekend Section on sale now.

As Tripp sees it, both the grim setting and the odd dramatic situation of "Brainpeople" are merely avenues to examine a psychological state. "They turn up the volume on that sense of aloneness and disconnect," she says. "That panic of being trapped and alone -- of everyone being in the same situation but no one can talk about it." -Chris Klimek- The Washington Post

You can also check out a rather large photo of the cast. And for those of you who are big fans of Helen Hayes Award winning Sound Designers, and who isn't, you can spot the great Neil McFadden peaking over Regina's shoulder. Read the article HERE.

Come and see what all the buzzy-buzz is all about at one of the two remaining PWYC Previews tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm.

Also remember that 1001 has extended but beat the rush and the show this weekend tonight and Saturday at 8:30pm and our special "I am afraid to drive out of the City after the sun goes down" Matinee at 2:30.

Summer at Rorschach just keeps rolling along!

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