Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time Keeps on Slipping

There are a lot of people very busy in this week in preparation for birds' Opening Night on Saturday at 8pm. Envelopes have been stuffed. Sets are being painted. Lines are being polished. Blocking is being finalized. And stitches are being stiched. This is when we all are fighting the urge to go back to college and study something that wouldn't have us working long hours for small pay.

But in the end it will be worth it. It always is.

With each email I write to a reviewer who hasn't R'ed their RSVP for press opening. As I print out transparancies for the run tonight. As I juggle a photographer and a videographer to get the materials together for the press photos and the trailer. I know it is worth it.

As Randy and Jenny put out one fire after another. As Deb finds just the right pair of shoes for Brian. As Jake and Roni put the final coat of paint on the set. They know it is worth it.

And as Wendy makes her final notes for the actors. As the actors try and remember the new blocking or lines they were given yesterday in addition to every other note they have gotten in the last month of rehearsals. They know it will be worth it too.

Because on Saturday night this show belongs to the audiences. Up until then it is our own little secret that we share just enough to peak your interest. With photos of Marissa and shots of the set, just titilating enough to make you all wonder what the hell is this strange creature that is being put together over at Casa.

Well the wait is almost. When you are a performer, designer, director, producer, playwright or stage manager you always want more time, but time is finite. As is the run. So book your tickets now and maybe stop in for a PWYC.

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