Monday, June 25, 2007

Get to Know Tim Getman

Tim Getman is pretty damn good at what he does. He is a man who has spilled a lot of sweat and blood for Rorschach over the years. He has built and designed sets, and he has acted his ass off. He has been on long extended journey and has always come home to us, for which I am grateful.

As a matter of fact it was on one of Tim's journeys that birds came to Rorschach. I for one am very excited to see him return to our stage. Having previously appeared in JB, Master and Margarita, and Behold! and having designed the incredible set for last season's Arabian Night.

So with out further ado, Timmy G!

1. What is your job in producing birds?

artistic partner and playing james, a high powered stock broker turned neurotic boyfriend

2. When you were a child what if any stories or fairy tales effected you the most?

the bearskinner by the brothers grimm, about a soldier who makes a deal with the devil and beats him, oh and spiderman, the xmen, and batman. love heroes that have a dark underbelly

3. Is this the first time you have worked for Rorschach? If no, when have you done for us before? If yes, why did you decide to come and play in our sandbox?

my fifth collaboration with this crazy company

4. What is one impossible thing that happens in birds?

i have to shave for every performance, and i get to "do it" with two beautiful women in an hour and a half (Editor: and by "do it" he means have sex with)

5. What is you favorite bird?

hummingbirds are pretty amazing, a feat of nature..they're the smallest i think. penguins are pretty righteous, i swam with them once. and ostriches have the most amazing eggs

6. How do you think or hope audiences will react to birds?'s a lot of information and pretty dense poetic writing. i hope they take it like a beautiful, abstract painting. and maybe start to believe in the magic of everyday life again

7. If you had a theme song what would it be?

oh gosh, that's hard. marissa stole the best one. roxanne. from the man's perspective. phil collins i can feel it coming in the air tonight. james i think has really bad musical taste, but starts to finally hear the meaning in things.....maybe?

get back to me on that one.


Thehairyape said...

Tim is also, to the best of my knowledge, tbe only person to have vomited on stage during a Rorschach show (J.B.)

Unknown said...

tim getman is tall.

DCepticon said...

See it is insightful facts like these that keep me writing on this blog. Keep up the good work gentlemen.