Thursday, June 28, 2007

Making a List

So much going on that I am not sure where to begin. So this will be a list of things you need to know about birds this week:

1. First preview last night. Due to our constant need to improve and make things better the show time was pushed back to 9pm. Once again I apologize to you folks who came thinking the show was at 8pm, but these things are unavoidable. And for those of you hung on and saw the show at 9, thank you. Having an audience is always important, especially for a new show.

2. Watched the show last night. What really speaks to me in this show are the performances. There are a number of surprises in store for Rorschach regulars as four fantastic actors join our Tim Getman in putting some real humanity and vulnerability to these characters that Jennifer Maisel has created.

3. Pay-What-You-Can Previews continue tonight and Friday night. Show time is our regular 8pm. Tickets will be available starting at 7pm on a first come first serve basis, so you might want to get there by 7:30 so you can be sure to find a seat.

4. After I watched the preview I stopped by Grady Weatherford's place to see the work he was doing on the new birds trailer. It is still coming together but I think he gets better and better each time he creates one of these. We sat in front of his computer screen for about a half an hour and he showed me how the magic happens and he makes the show look awsome. Should have something to show you early next week.

5. Marigan came down to do a photo call on Tuesday night. Should have some pictures to show you all tomorrow.

6. Opening is Saturday and it is my understanding that we are either sold out or nearly sold out. If it was your plan to RSVP at the last moment I am afraid that this performance is already packed. I encourage you to either join us for one of the 2 remaining previews or come some time during the regular run.

7. Still have a couple more Get to Know interviews coming soon. So be on the look out.

That does it for today, check in tomorrow and I will have photos for you to look at. Very exciting! No?

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