Friday, June 15, 2007

Get to Know Marissa Molnar

Once again we begin our continuing series of probing questions in an attempt to Get to Know the Cast and Crew of Rorschach's various big top like events. A series of questions were submitted to the cast and crew of birds and today I present you the first victim, Marissa Molnar.

I already told you about Marissa's adventure in the back alley behind Casa two weeks ago. She is delightful company and has been coming to see Rorschach shows all season so I feel like she is already one of the family. So take a moment to discover the slightly twisted yet exceedingly entertaining answers that this young actress gives to my 7 Questions of Doom.

(P.S. Keep voting for the Rorschach Ultimate Fighting Match-Up below. You can vote everyday and I will have the results on Wednesday.)

1. What is your job in producing birds?

i'm the production's prostitute. i keep everything fluffed up and ready to go. because there are so many feathers with all the bird imagery, you know.

2. When you were a child what if any stories or fairy tales effected you the most?

i was a big fan of narnia until i realized that aslan was an awful lot like jesus, and then i just got confused and moved on to safer, more pagan stories like arthurian lore and ursula leguin.

3. Is this the first time you have worked for Rorschach? If no, when have you done for us before? If yes, why did you decide to come and play in our sandbox?

yes... i could not turn down the chance to let my inner teenage hooker out. everyone has one, and mine has been repressed for far too long. also, jenny gave me candy once.

4. What is one impossible thing that happens in birds?

jjana gets drunk?

5. What is you favorite bird?

roasted, with ginger and mango chutney.

6. How do you think or hope audiences will react to birds?

i think they will walk away thinking about how funny it is how much belief influences the perception of reality. i hope they will not throw things at us.

7. If you had a theme song what would it be?

um, roxanne?

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