Friday, February 16, 2007

Words of Wisdom and Free Reading News

At some point in all of our lives we are faced with decisions that on one level seem straight forward and simple, but when we look back on them we are amazed at the impact they have had on the entirety of our lives.

Sorry that is all I have in me today.

Some quick reminders for those of you who are actually at your computers on this snowy-snowy Friday in our Nations Capital:

There are very few seats avaible for either of our Saturday shows of Rough Magic. There are a handful of seats available for tonights performance. If you do not book your tickets now you may in fact be too late. I also provide this special warning, final weekends of our shows tend to sell out very quickly, book your seats now. Bring a friend if you need someone to talk to during intermission. 1-800-494-TIXS or visit

◙ Free Reading of Blood Bound and Tounge Tied on Monday Night at 8pm at Casa for people who like to see free theater. And who doesn't like to see free theater? I'll tell you who doesn't like to see free theater dirty sticking capitalist is who. Do you want to be lumped in with book burners and people who destroy the ozone layer? Do you want your children to grow-up in a world without theater? Do you want bacon or sausage?

Here is the story if you need a reminder:

by Jacqueline E. Lawton Directed
by Patrick Crowley
Monday, February 19 at 8pm
A world-premiere staged reading Free Admission

A depression-era adaptation of OEDIPUS, Lawton's explosive BLOOD BOUND AND TONGUE TIED follows the astonishing journey of Jocasta, a black woman who passes for white and shuns her entire past when she falls in love with a successful white politician. With the birth of their son, Oedipus, Jocasta's lies instigate a wave of bloodshed and carnage.

FEATURING JJ Johnson, Paige Hernandez, Adrienne Nelson, Greg Reid and Clay Steakley

◙ Dress in layers. This is good advice for anyone who is going to be out and about in this cold. Especially the man who I saw in shorts last night. Good God people it is like -3 with the wind chill.

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