Monday, February 19, 2007

Giving Her . . .

Reminder abouot the reading of Tounge Tied and Blood Bound tonight at 8:00 pm at Casa. And also this is the final week for Rough Magic. That means there will be a mad rush for tickets so get your butt in gear.

Here is another profile of our design crew this time it is company member and oft times Costume Designer Deb Sivigny. Well she has put down her sewing and has taken up the glue gun to design props for Rough Magic. Enjoy!


1. What is your position working on Rough Magic?

Props designer/supportive wife to Producer

2. How did you get involved with Rorschach and this show?

I have been working with Rorschach since The Illusion and havebeen a company member for a season and a half I think. Sometimesthere are weird props--that's when I get called.

3. So, where are you from?

Durham, CT originally; DC now.

4. Tell us about your day job(s):

I manage the costume shop at Catholic University. I used to be a Hotel Spy--but that story's for another day.

5. What other theater companies have you worked for?

Good Lord...uuhhh: Catalyst Theater, Theater Alliance, Forum Theatre/Dance, Journeymen Theater, WSC, Theatre J, Woolly Mammoth, Studio Theatre 2nd Stage, Olney (National Players and Mainstage), Everyman, Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, and Colorado Shakespeare Festival.

6. What aspect of this show are you most excited about?

I love how over-the-top everything is. And the high comedy--which we don't get to do much.

7. If you could be an illegal substance and/or activity, what would you be and why?

Are my students reading this?

8. If you could be a comic book character or a superhero/villain, whowould you be and why?

I would be a Super Penguin--where I could shoot ice out of my flippers and swim like mach 10. [and in life, I currently can't doeither of those things.]

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