Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brisk Baby!

I am very happy to report that ticket sales of Rough Magic are brisk. Some shows are already filling up and those are just the ones later in the run. If I might suggest the following to those of you who usually wait until the last weekend to come and see the show, either make your reservations now, or come early. We would love to see you.
Finishing up our tour of what the world is saying about Rough Magic, we turn our attention to DC Theatre Reviews and what reviewer Gary McMillan has to say:
Rough Magic is a silly, pop culture confection for literature lovers.
Well yes it can be a rather silly place at Casa and pop culture is not a slam in my opinion and anything good for literature lovers is good in my book, so thanks Gary. Here is the rest of the review if you are interested. Be prepared to be confronted by the scary shot of Drag-Grady when you click the link. Just thought I would warn you.
Brad Hathaway over at Potomac Stages has a hard time finding anything really nice to say about the show. What can you do? Try to please everyone and you please no one, so there will always be those who don't like what you are selling. Here is the link for the curious.
Tomorrow, we get some outside help.


Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about the Potomac Stages review is that I am listed as 'Wen'.

Anonymous said...

"balls-to-the-wall" is kind of a scary phrase. i picture a bunch of naked men shoved against a cold wall, forced to do edgy theatre. in comparison, "shoe-string" is a lot less scary.

SAS said...

Makes me think of my favorite Rodgers & Hart song:

"and so it seems that we have met before
and laughed before
and loved before
but who knows where or Wen"

DCepticon said...

Shoe string may be a lot less scary, but balls-to-the-wall reminds me of my favorite old song.

I could have danced all night.
I could have danced all night.
I could have had my balls-to-the-wall and done a million things and still have wanted more.

Anonymous said...

i love that the DC Theatre Review won't reveal everyone on Melanie's team for fear of saying too much. um... Gary... could it possibly be the uncaptioned and sparkling terror at the top of the page?

Peong said...

I don't know what your problem with that last review is. Hathaway needs only a sentence or two to show his spot on, analytical mind - specifically the first two sentences of the last paragraph. Granted, that is the only part of the review that I read but based on his keen sense of perception there...

As for errant typos all I can think of is - not if but Wen. I knew I liked her.