Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Defenders of Stan

While we all wait for the various reviews that should be coming any day now to arrive. I direct you to a project that Rorschach Alum Austin Bragg has started, which strangely enough like Rough Magic, also exists in that strange four color world of comics.

Austin and his friends have come up with a web based series called the The Defenders of Stan. Each webisode deals with the adventures of Stan one of the few remaining non-super powered individuals in the world. Stan (Austin) tries to live his life as his co-workers, dates and roommates all start to exhibit super powers. Some have decided to work for Justice and others have become super villians. Leading the pack is Stan's brother Captain Ultra (Hunter Christy) who is the bane of Stan's existance.

This most recent episode features Eric Singdahlsen and Scott McCormick (along with Austin two of the stars of that run away Rorschach hit The Beard of Avon) as Floating Heads of Justice in an homage to Superman and Superman II. There are three other episodes, so take a look, they are funny. I promise.

Check back later today and I should have something to report regarding the City Paper review.

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