Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Like that Party in Batman Returns

I have to say things are busy, busy around the workshop these days. Casting is in full swing for This Storm. . . and Dream Sailors, we are beginning to make plans for the April Edition of Myth-Appropriation and there is a Masquerade Benefit acoming.

Did we already mention the return of the Masquerade Benefit? Must ask Jenny and Randy if I was supposed to spill the beans. Any way start working on your masks now, you have a couple of months to make yourself a bitchin' mask.

Stay dry and stay safe people.

And finally I want to apologize to someone for giving them grief for not reading this blog. I know you are very busy it just helps when you know have someone reading this business called blog who won't judge you too harshly when you go off the deep end.


Anonymous said...

Rorschach, congratulations! (It's about damn time!)

Mr. Odney said...

Yay. I double that. Very well deserved. Hope everyone is celebrating.