Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Road to Marrakesh


Ok, so not related to Rough Magic at all, but a hoot for the blog anyway. For my birthday, Randy, Deb, Lauren and Steve Carpenter, Patrick, Yasmin, and my sister Lindsey and I went to Marrakesh for some belly-dancing. Six courses later, we're lolling around on the couches and the owner comes up, asks who the birthday girl, exclaims that I'm beautiful "all over!" and gathers everyone at the table for a picture.

He asked how we all knew each other and I said we worked for the theatre community in DC - the main one represented was Rorschach Theatre. I guess he went to the website to get the logo and posted the pic on the Marrakesh website. (The picture moves so you need to move through the gallery to find the picture. -- Editor)

Merry Christmas!



Anonymous said...

aparrantly as they update their webiste, the link moves... you may have to click through the pictures to get to us!

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