Monday, December 11, 2006

Give Me Some Content People!

Apprently some of our readers have been disturbed by my recent use of Santa clad members of the animal kindom. To those of you who are having a hard time with these Kringle Clad Creatures, all I can say is bah, humbug!

It is in fact a joy to search the web looking for these adorable bundles of horribly adorable beasties. Dcepticon's girlfriend has even joined the hunt and has provided the examples you see here. So, until someone who was at the first read for Rough Magic can cough-up some pictures of rehearsal, you will continue to see animals of all sorts wearing their holiday best.


Anonymous said...

sorry, I forgot to take a lot of pictures.. I know that Eric, the set designer, was taking some, maybe you can procure them from him!

Anonymous said...

i wanna see an insect with santa garb. real santa garb. not any of that sh*tty digital stuff.