Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PWYC Start Tomorrow

Tonight is final dress and photo call for The Arabian Night. Which can mean only one thing, audiences will begin to pour into see what I can only describe as one of the high points of mine and your summer.

The shots I am posting today are from a visit I made to the set on Saturday morning during tech. Just to tease you all with what the show promises the figure in the background of the picture to your right, the one that features Matt, Nelina, Rachel and Jason, is our stage manager Jessie cleaning up a red sticky mess from a stage experiment.

Now I think that Rorschach provides one of the most affordable theater experiences in the City. Not only is it affordable it is a bargain at twice the price. That being said this week provides the best chance for you kids to come and see the show for next to nothing. Pay-What-You-Can Previews start tomorrow night and continue on Thursday and Friday at 8pm. There are still kinks being worked out but this is a chance to see the show for a low price and see all of the elements as they come together to create the show. No reservations for these previews and always information can be found at the Rorschach Theatre page.

We open to the press on Saturday and then we have shows throughout the month of July. Don't miss this show! Smooches!

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