Friday, June 23, 2006

Our Matt Dunphy

With the opening of The Arabian Night just a week away. I thought I would take this opportunity to feature a very special man here on the pages of the Rorschach blog. A man who has now been in two Rorschach shows back to back and with an optimism that seem nearly boundless. His tall and rugged good looks have allowed him to play a Communist Organizer and even the devil himself in A Bright Room Called Day. Now he returns to our stage as the exotic lover type in The Arabian Night. A sex symbol to some and a very nice boy to others, I present you a special gallery of Matt Dunphy. Remember ladies he isn't just a pretty face, he can act as well, so come see Matt in The Arabian Night in all of his tallness.


SAS said...

I think I saw Matt on the train the other day and almost smiled but then got nervous that it wasn't him and looked away. If it was Matt, I'm sorry Matt, if it wasn't Matt, he has a doppleganger that rides the blue/orange line.

Anonymous said...

that was me.

and because i smiled at you and you didn't smile back, i felt like a psycho.


Anonymous said...

Definately a sex symbol. (Scott, this post was for me, wasn't it?)Here's what I want to know from Matt:
-What is the most meaningful thing that's happened to you in the past month?
-What are you reading right now?
-What ever happened to our email picture exchange?

SAS said...


1. It was early. For me. And I hadn't had any coffee yet.

2. You looked all business like and official. You were out of context, so I couldn't quite make sense of it all.

3. I really liked your shirt. Lime green, right? See - now who's the psycho?

DCepticon said...

Not sure when this page became a missed connection page, but I think I like it.

Anonymous said...

first, a response for ellen:
1) the most meaningful thing that has happened to me in the last month: um... well, i have to move out of my apartment. i almost lost my job when macy's took over hecht's, but then i didn't. i did my first show at rorschach. those were all meaningful in some way or another.
2) i'm reading 'things my girlfriend and i have argued about' which is supposed to be funny, but i've only read the first page because they keep interrupting me to do something they call "tech"
3) you send first, i'll reply. :)

now sas:
it was lime green. thanks ;)
i'll wear it every day now in case we're on the train together again.

i love missed connections.

SAS said...

And I, Mr. Dunphy, will keep my eyes peeled for the lime green.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a missed connection with a good photographer.