Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I may have mentioned that I would not be able to hang around with the cast and crew of The Arabian Night as much as I have with the casts of the other shows, because of a previous committment somewhere in the Maryland suburbs. I am however still hard at work trying to gather bits of tid for you all regarding the show.

Sunday Jenny McConnell Frederick, my friend and photographer to the stars Paul Schuster, Super Model Rahaleh Nassri and I gathered at Casa to work on the post card image for the show. Whenever Paul comes to take the pictures I am always awe-struck by the lights and the meters and hampers full of doodads that find their way into the space. I have known Paul since college and he is always the guy at every party with his camera ready to capture that special moment. These days he has been taking a lot of pictures of small children, but what can you do when your friends are all in the breeding phase of their lives.

Paul previously has helped craft the images for The Scarlet Letter and Behold! as well as having taken production photos for a couple of shows as well. He helps us make our crazy ideas come to life. I think you all be very shocked when you see what we have cooked up the is time and if you are all very good, I might even give you a sneak peek before the week is out.

Meantime, rehearsals continue for The Arabian Night and I for one know that this is the show to see this summer. Jenny and I were talking about whether we should give you all hints about what the show is, and we could, we really could. But that would ruin the surprise and you wouldn't want that would you. I got some photos of the rehearsal coming and we will check in with some of our field reporters as soon as possible.

Bye, Bye!

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