Friday, April 24, 2009

Mikey likes it...

Is there an urban legend more iconic than the Poprocks and Coke myth? Today's news from the front comes from Bryn Tucker an actor in COKE HABIT, Shaun Raviv's adaptation of the story that may or may not have ended our good friend Mikey.

Only one more day to buy tickets for MYTH APPROPRIATION: URBAN LEGENDS...


COkE HaBiT: Another Awesomely Senseless Pop Rocks Play

At first it sounds like a new concoction of death created by some New York street junkie but it's also an urban legend. You know that whole thing when you drink a soda followed by Pop Rocks and then you explode?! Needless to say working on our myth has been pretty sweet!

When we read the script for the first time, our director gave us some real life Pop Rocks. It was hilarious when someone had something positive or profound to say about the work and all you heard was "crackle crackle pop crackle". We also found that Michael had the same name as the kid from the old school LIFE Cereal commercial. Allegedly, he chugged an unspeakable amount of Coke and Pop Rocks and exploded. Of course, he's now an attorney in New York City according to I'm not even sure if that's a creditable source....

Now, thanks to the Internet, there's a whole new world of senseless pop rocks and coke destruction out there to explore, not to mention the whole Mentos and Diet Coke madness! The more things change...Peace Out!

-Pop Rocks Crew

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