Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Get to Know William Aitken

1. What is your position, role or roles in Kit Marlowe?

Top... oh you meant role.
Walter Raleigh.

2. Is this your first go around at the Rorschach rodeo? If no what have you done for us before? If yes, what has surprised you the most about working for us?

This is my first time with Rorschach. I am surprised by how much damn fun I am having. It should be illegal

3. If this play were a Beatle which one would it be and why?

. Because like Ringo its a hell of a lot fun. From an audiences perspective I would say John Lennon because of the mix of wit and seriousness.

4. What feature of Marlowe's London should Rorschach duplicate to really enhance the audience's experience?

Body odor.

5. What was your best/worst haircut or body modification for a part in a play?

The worst thing was having to wear hair extensions for a show and having to walk around with them in looking like some aging balding biker. The best was ...well there never has been a best. I usually get asked to become shaggy and dark.

6. If you could go out for a wild night on the town with Kit Marlowe, where would you go and what would you do?

A dive bar called Peso Jimmy's in Olongapo Philippines. The coldest beer in the South Pacific and the best Lumpia in the Philippines. Its also a Marine bar. I think Marlowe would love a bar full of drunken rowdy Marines. I would take him there and get him drunk on Ice cold San Miguels and see what trouble we could get into.

7. Can you think of worse way of being killed than being stabbed in the eye? If so how?

Yes, burning to death like the actor Jack Cassidy.

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