Friday, October 26, 2007


We have two more PWYC Previews for Kit Marlowe. I will be at tonights 8pm Preview, if you want to hang out. There is another one at 8 pm on Saturday. Then the whole things opens wide like a crocodile eating a gnu on Sunday night.

Little secret, we are sold out next Thursday! Wait can I actually tell a secret and use an exclimation mark after it? Well I just did and I don't go back and edit for anyone, so there let's all start sharing secrets on public blogs with the same puncuation that we would use if we were yelling!

Check out this blurb from this weeks print edition of The Onion.


Anonymous said...

KIT MARLOWE: "Sure as shit more exciting than Shakespeare in Love"

DCepticon said...

Randy, stop leaving anonymous comments.

blog prince said...

Now that's good press!