Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Goin' Down the . . .

I am headed down the Ocean today and I am thinking back to all of the trips I took with my family as a small boy. Yes true believers there was a time that this mountain of manliness was not so giant as he is today. Imagine a smaller version of me running up and down the beaches of the Maryland and Delaware shore, frolicking in my little baby speedo and exploring all of the riches that the bounty of the deep placed upon the golden sand. Sea shells and mermaid's purses, horseshoe crabs and pieces of glass made smooth by the action of the water and sand across its surface.

Flash forward a couple of years and I am sleeping on the deck of someone's ocean house with a massive hangover, the taste of something vaguely taffy tasting in my mouth and my swim trunks are on backwards. We all have these warm memories of the beach and the vacations and drunken benders we went on near the ocean.

What has this got to do with The Arabian Night? Well not much, but the key to good blogging is to appeal to something your readers can identify with, which in this case happens to be a pair of misarranged swimming garb and too much peach schnapps.

There are only two weekends left to see The Arabian Night, so here is what I recommend. Go to the beach next weekend and see The Arabian Night either Friday or Saturday Nights at 8pm or see it on Thursday night and then go to the ocean. Or do what I am doing and come back from the beach early Sunday morning so you can be back in town for the 5pm show Sunday evening.

Theater, unlike the ocean, only lasts a short time and you have to see it while it is there.

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