Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Bloggers Among Us

Scott asked me a long time ago to update our blogroll to include the blogs that are written by Rorschach company members. Someday, I'll get to it. Don't count on it, though. Project Runway starts tonight, after all.

But, while Scott waits for me to mess with the template, I figured it would be a good idea to run down the various and sundry Rorschach bloggers out there.

Karl Miller, currently re-enacting his role in columbinus up in New York City, blogs for your amusement and edification at BLOG! Karl originally started blogging so as to fill us all in about his acting adventures in Alaska. He's wisely decided to continue, albeit sporadically, the pursuit. Currently, you can enjoy his entry "39 Things I've Been Meaning To Say," which is totally like the BEST song Alanis Morrisette hasn't written yet.

Grady Weatherford, currently celebrating Kenneth Lay's mortality, blogs over at the seemingly Clash-inspired SECURE YOUR RIGHTS. Given Grady's typical gregariousness, it's amazing that he can go home and STILL have words to get out of his system, but he does, and they are often misspelled. Currently, you can enjoy entries on the state of politics--national and local--and hear about how the only pure and beautiful thing in the world is Gomez. And ponies. But you just sort of have to infer that.

Hugh T. Owen, currently blaming Sven-Goran Ericcson for the English Men's National Team's woes, blogs over at BONZIE'S LOT. On Hugh's blog, you'll hear all about his various injuries and hurts as he nurtures his dangerous obsession with marathon running. Hugh is known for leaving blog comments that have more Britslang then all of The Streets' records combined--and he hasn't even started using the word "prang" yet.

Deb Sivigny, currently fighting Randy Baker's attention-deficit disorder tooth and nail as she plans their upcoming nuptials, blogs at INDEPENGUIN. She's going at it in fits and starts, but perhaps Bravo's heroic return to the Parson's School of Design will spur her on to blog more often.

Yasmin Tuazon, currently being thought of highly by me for her overall cuteness, blogs at MYSTERY PUNCH. But it's been, like, a YEAR since she's done so.

Your own Scott McCormick, currently shuttling Shakespeare to points hither and also yon, blogs the most sporadically of them all over at DCEPTICON. I am not at all sure he wants us to read it.

Jordan Suderman used to maintain a LiveJournal dedicated to Tony Blair's wife, but I can't remember the address.

And, of course, I, currently entertaining Benjamin Bernanke in and officially cutting "the fisting bit" from THE MEMORANDUM, blog at THE DCEIVER, a thorough-going record of my bottomless capacity for enmity. I also turn up from time to time at DCIST and, less frequently, at WONKETTE.

Now, who among you will add yourself to this illustrious coterie?


Anonymous said...

Alright seriously, I am so psyched that you did this. Here's to a late voting night's reading!!!

Alexander Strain said...

I am already part of an illustrious coterie (my nation after all invented said word), albeit not fed quite as well . . .