Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend of Adventures and Wonders

Thursday night we staged the sex scene. I will not spoil anything but think of a very tasteful act of pure acrobatics all carried out in the style of the Matrix. Not the weird rave thing that happens in Matrix II: Electric Boogaloo, but one of those fight scenes. People were picked up and rotated and moved in a carefully controlled act of extreme violence. But ain't that just love folks.

Saturday was a long day for many. There were costume fittings and meetings. Cast and crew put in a good solid 6-7 hours of work and all of it seems to have been worth it. Yours truly strolled in around 4:30 and left at 7 so my day was relatively easy. I did however have some trouble at my fitting when I was unable to get my hands all the way through the sleeves of my costumes. Now I am a large man but I have never faced this particular challenge. Maybe my hands are still growing. It has seemed harder to type lately. My giant fingers seem to smash into two and even three keys at a time. Eventually, I will have to invest in one of those over sized novelty key boards just so I can send an email. Ah well big head, big hands and big feet. Well you know what they say, big hands . . . big gloves.

Sunday we ran Act I and to quote Jessi, "There is a there, there." As I may have mentioned in the past saying the same word over and over again does not make an alliteration, but all of us seem to have elevated our discourse and this show seems to have set free the frustrated poet in all of us.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Reader:

There were many fantastic costume adventures this weekend as actors were strapped, squeezed and cajoled into many fantastic fabric combinations of designer Jenn Miller's devising. Miller has spent the past two weeks combing through the costume stocks of every theatre company within a 60 mile radius of the District. Her work has paid off! Esteemed Reader: in my humble opinion, Miller has hit upon what is known in the industry as COMIC GOLD.

Elizabethan period clothing is HILARIOUS!

First and foremost, please call to mind the ubiquitous neck ruff (designed to, what, catch the pieces of breakfast that missed your pie-hole? To make you look more like a saint in a Renaissance portrait? To help amplify your ability to hear, since Elizabethans prized a fine-tuned sense of hearing more than anything?).

Second, try pairing that silly starched-stiff collar with a dainty pair of stockings and some pumpkin breeches so short that Daisy Duke would blush. Or, if you happen to be playing Queen Elizabeth, you may want to slip into a hoop skirt that makes you as wide as you are tall--and then try to fit through a doorway.

Incidentally, the run of ACT ONE yesterday proved exciting! Although we have rehearsed the whole play so far out of order, we have managed to spend time on (almost) every scene in the play. I was thrilled with the work that everyone did to string together their journey through that act, and the work that everyone did last night was incredibly heartening. There IS a There there, Scotty, and we shall arrive at it within the coming weeks in a blaze of glory, farce and low comedy--alliteration be damned!