Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Beard of Avon Begins

Welcome to Rorschach Theatre's first blog. I know let the rejoicing commence and the questions to pile up. Questions like: Why? What are you doing? Do we really need another theater blog? How do you keep your whites so white and your colors so bright?

As to the last question is that really important right now or germane to the topic at hand? For the first: Why? Well because we want to give the public a look into the process of producing small professional theater in DC. Not just the dirt you get on T-boy or reviews like Potomac Stages, but a verbal and pictoral representation of nearly empty space and script to fully designed, directed and acted production.

What are we doing? Well there is a whole season of stuff coming up but first up is The Beard of Avon (follow the link if you want to learn more) . A smart, sexy and literate comedy about William Shakespeare.

Check here every couple of days and we will have information the production. Cast lists, designer names and comments from the actors. It will serve as a way to see what it takes to be a theater on a mission, a desire for perfection and the guts to do shows that comparably sized and funded theaters wouldn't dare.

Later today I will post the cast list, so until then enjoy the picture above from our first read on a very early Saturday morning.

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