Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Klecksing

Hello interneters,

Gearing up for the weekend? I know it is only Tuesday. But there is snow on the ground and the temp is 25. Clo enough to think about your next day off.

Here are some seasonal thoughts from Misty Demory. More blogging later, but for now, snuggle up, keep warm and get your tickets for Klecksography.


Since the 1930's children have left cookies and milk out on a table for Santa on Christmas Eve. It is thought that the idea to leave them out may have sprung from parents wanting to encourage their children to give/share during the great depression. The Oreo is the most popular cookie left out for Santa Claus. No matter what the reason, or why it started, cookies made, eaten, shared, or thrown at people on Christmas Eve are one tradition I hope never goes away.

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