Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grady's Klesksography challenge

Hey kids,

So rehearsal has begun for Full Disclosure, the pop'n, hip, socially over-aware quasi-comedy from Rorschach Company member Jason Linkins. As to keep it's subject a secret there will be little disclosed here, but I will reveal that the piece has gone through 4 drafts, two table reads, and has been blocked despite not having it's central character for the first rehearsal.

The name Klecksography continues to be impossible for me to pronounce. This is disconcerting for me as I have not only 3 years of German, but 4 years of Latin, so a simple combination word like Klecksography should be a no-brainer for me. Lets just say, I'm glad you didn't have to pronounce the words in the SAT vocab section.

I will be working on this pronunciation though the week, I have even typed into a spell and speak, but this does not seem solve the issue. I'd say keep up with my progress on facebook – but I don't acknowledge facebook as a legitimate vehicle for social interaction, so you'll just have to find me and ASK. (and in case your wondering, yes that means i am not on facebook, thank you.)

Grady Weatherford
Director, Full Disclosure

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