Monday, December 06, 2010

I ‘klecks, do you?

I try not to make bold statements in public, because I usually end up looking like a jackass. I’ve learned from experience. I like to hang back and then
make snarky comments about others’ ideas. But I am going to go out on a limb on this one, that’s how much I believe in it. It’s time to ‘klecks.’ What is
klecks, you ask? Klecks is a new slang term for the new millennium.  It will replace all those other tired slang terms like “phat,” “sweet,” and “groovy.” Not
that anyone still says groovy.  It’s a noun, verb, and adjective all stuffed into one enigmatic package. Now, I’ve learned from my German friends that
‘klecks’ is an actual word in their native language that means, blob, blot, dab, smudge, blotch or stain in mine. But words are slippery, they change their
meanings all the time. Take ‘culture,’ for example: a hundred years or so ago culture meant to plant seeds. So, with your help, we can culture klecks in
our culture. Are we klecks?

James Hesla, Playwright
 Klecksography: Home for the Holidays, coming December 18th & 19th @ Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint.  Tickets are on sale now. 


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James, were you in Indonesia around two decades ago?

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Oh, I'm sorry, I just saw that was posted by JMcFred.

Um, would JMcFred or anyone here mind passing the question to James Hesla, please?