Friday, July 31, 2009

DEAD CITY a view from the booth

If you haven't seen DEAD CITY yet, ya gotta go NOW! The City Paper calls it "gorgeously realized" and I believe everything I read.

So to entice you, we have a fun posting today...

For those of you outside of the "biz" there is a document that Stage Managers put together every night called a "Performance Report." It lets us know what's going on, who messed up what and what how our crazy audiences are responding to this fantastic little show. Here are some exerpts from those performances, a view from the booth if you will...

There was gum thwaping tonight.

Samantha’s hair looked fabulous tonight

There was no gum thwaping tonight but there was extra gum fingering.

Tonight, the smell was coming off of the East River instead of the Hudson.

L 71 and 74 were late. I did not hit the GO button hard enough.

For tonight's run, the actors are only allowed to wear socks on the stage floor.

[Redacted] seemed to forget this lines at the beginning of his scene

We are gonna need a lot of McDonald’s bags.

Are you by chance able to bring an extra pair of socks tonight?

They ran the dance at the top of rehearsal right before the run. They seemed to remember all of it.

Can we issue [Redacted] socks? For some reason, we skipped that.

[Redacted] accidently spit out his gum at the top of the gum sex.

Do we know when [Redacted] can start working with her pregnant belly?

If the door magic is not going to work, are we able to remove the two wires and the crank thing?

Quote (s) of the Night:
“Jane Austen can $%^& me in the $%^hole.”
“It’s not a laugh. It’s an mmmm… a sexy mmmm”
“Channeling, humping or meowing, what would you like me to do?“
“When they run into a wall, they will stop.”
“Not too much I Hope It’s Not Butter.”
“Can she just have an ammo belt of tampons?"
"And this is why we don’t’ have all girl rehearsals."
“I always wanted to grow a beard then put new skin over it then take it off to show up with a full beard in the middle of the show.”
“There is always time to stick your hand in your pants.”
DEAD CITY runs through August 16. For a full schedule and directions please visit For tickets, go to or call 1-800-494-TIXS.


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