Monday, July 27, 2009


Tracy Lynn Olivera wakes the dead tonight.

Rorschach doesn't sing very often. We're great with the animal noise, stage violence that will make you squirm and all sort of other epic goodness...but the singing here at Rorschach is pretty rare. But all that changes tonight when Tracy takes over. Frankly, she is the perfect person to be doing this. Beautiful, brilliant and talented--with the mouth of a sailor.

She has assembled an outstanding team of guest stars including Gabriel Mangiante on the keys and Monalisa Arias on drums. That's right, you saw Monalisa play Rosemary in BRAINPEOPLE, now come see her bang out a mean rythm. Some other guests include Evan Casey, Robyn Badman, Stephen Gregory Smithand Rachel Zampelli.

So join us tonight for this ONE NIGHT ONLY fundraiser for Rorschach! It's only ten bucks.
Tickets are on sale here or at 1-800-494-TIXS you can try your luck at the door tonight.

(A picture from last night's rehearsal...)

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