Monday, May 19, 2008

Myth-ing in Action

Saturday night was a fun gathering in the living room of Rorschach Company Member, Patrick Bussink, to kick off the second edition of Myth Appropriation.

This time our talented playwrights, actors, designers and directors will be tackeling creation myths, from across several cultures, including Japan, the Mayans and some surprises along the way.

There were beverages served and tiny cupcakes. Playwrights drew lots for their myth, then drew their director and then directors drew for designers and then actors were picked. Now the playwrights have until tonight to write a ten minute play for their casts and all these plays will be performed next Saturday Night at the Warehouse Theatre. If you want tickets visit HERE.

WRITTEN BY Randy Baker, Jacqueline E. Lawton, Anne M. McCaw, Shawn Northrip, Malcolm Pellis, Chris Stezin

DIRECTED BY Cecilia Cackley, Steve Carpenter, Akiva Fox, Chris Gallu, Patrick Torres, Catherine Tripp

DESIGNED BY Hannah J Crowell, David C Ghatan, Veronica Lancaster, Lynley Saunders

FEATURING Bill Aitken, Vanessa Brandchulis, Tony Bullock, Veronica Del Cerro, Elizabeth Darby, Dan Eichner, Heather Gaither, Julie Garner, Kelsey Grouge, Niki Jacobsen, Megan Reichelt, Jon Reynolds, Betsy Rosen, Eva Salvetti, Jay Saunders, Colin Smith, Mundy Spears, Josh Sticklin, Reece Thornbery, John Tweel, Andy Wassenich, Abby Wood, Edwin Xavier

PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell Frederick

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