Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Favorite Myth-take

Counting down from Salem tonight I am reminded of all the ways in which Myth and story influence our lives. I don't just mean the old myths but the little myths that help us wake up and face the world.

Can anyone name me a myth besides Social Security that helps you wake up in the myth morning and go to work each morning?

Theater artists create a series of myths that help us keep doing this stuff. A myth like folks actually make a living at this.

3 shows Saturday folks get your tickets now!



SAS said...

Chris Gallu helps me wake up and face the world.

Anonymous said...

Great Work guys! One small comment - I wish there was a description of what each myth was about just like last year. It would have given more insight into how you have adapted it.

Anonymous said...

That would be my comment, too. A little description of the adaptation would be great!


Emery said...

Thanks for shharing