Monday, January 22, 2007

Tech Week

Another dispatch from all around stupendous Gwen, with accompanying pictures. I was in the space this weekend for the first time in a very long time and I got to tell you the space looks amazing. Eric's set design and the grpahic paintings of New York and Prospero's island are not to be believed. It feels like something right out of the pages of the Fantastic 4 or Superman. I keep telling you all that this show is going to be something special and I think you all will be pleasantly amazed by the work that everyone is putting into this one. Now the message from Gwen.

Assorted pics from tech week: some board shots, and frank showing off the holographic pink fabric for Tisiphone's club outfit.

We had our cue-to-cue on Thursday, and everything went smoothly. The designers are still painting the set, hanging lighting instruments and editing sound cues, but already the show is starting to take a solid shape.

Over the weekend we'll be smoothing out transitions, entrancesand exits, and the 'magical' moments in the show that are heightened by sound and lighting effects. Also, the actors will be getting used to new costume pieces, wigs, glasses, props, and the changing shape of the backstage area.

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