Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Exile in Canada

Just in case you missed your weekly dose of Jane's Backstage column in the Post...Rorschach is going to Canada.

 Yes, it's true we're really taking this "Rorschach in Exile" thing seriously...

...and the Canadian Embassy along with the Helen Hayes Awards are helping to make it possible.

Rorschach's Artistic Directors, (along with Janet Griffin of Folger) have been awarded the Canadian/Washington Theatre Partnership grant for 2009.  The grant allows the Artist Directors "to visit their Canadian counterparts and to become better acquainted with Canadian theatre and playwrights."

So the intrepid JMF and RB are off to enjoy the balmy 17 degree temperatures of Toronto in the last week of January.  Winter weather aside, we're really thrilled to have this experience and are taking suggestions from any and everyone of what we should see and who we should meet in the Toronto theatre community. 

 If you have any friends or favorites we should get to know up north post a comment!

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Anonymous said...

Eh, it's not that bad once you get used to having frozen nostril hair.
If you want to email me or call me, i can give you list of theatres to go to, people to meet, museums and stuff.