Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Free Night of Theater and Back Stage Column

Free Night of Theater is a National Event that gives away free tickets to theater, to raise awareness of theater. This year Rorschach is participating and I can prooudly say that we have our first fully booked performance of Monster on November 2nd. Apparently the League of Washington theaters gave away 2100 free theater tickets within less than half an hour, including the 65 seats to Monster. Now I know what you are thinking, big deal you gave away tickets and people are coming to see a free show. For me the best thing about it is that there are now 65 people who may have never been to a Rorschach show in their lives coming to our theater.

Also check out Jane's article today in the Back Stage Column of the Post about our upcoming season. Tomorrow is our 300th Blog Entry so I think I will have a poem to post. Enjoy the weather everyone!

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