Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Benefits and Stetsons

Here is another hint about what is happening May 10th. Well less of a hint really and more of a damn that is a fine looking post card image for the Black & White Masquerade Ball Announcement.

That's right the Rorschach Masquerade is back and better than ever. And you all have a chance to get a discounted ticket to one of the hottest open bar events of the year 2008.

If you can get your tail sections over to Stetsons on U Street this Monday, April 14th, you can not only be among the first people to purchase tickets to our swanky benefit but you can be one of the cheapest folks there as well. Tickets that would run you $50 will only run you $20. That's right for the price of a ride from Dupont Circle to Adams Morgan with a crooked cab driver you can spend the evening with Rorschach, a DJ and all the wine and beer you can drink.

You also get to wear a mask and some sweet dress that you have been saving to look particularly tasty in for the ladies (and some men) or a suit that you haven't worn since you were confirmed for the guys.

And if that weren't enough we will also be announcing the Theme for our next edition of Myth-Appropriations at Stetsons as well. What will it be?

This is a great time to be in Exile. You should really think about joining us as we rove the city like a pack of wild rabid hedge hogs looking for a home.

See you at Stetsons next Monday at 7pm. We'll be the ones upstairs making all of the noise!

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