Wednesday, April 02, 2008

They Write Blogs So I Don't Have To

I don't know if you know this but I was kidding yesterday. It was an April fools prank! Rorschach never did a show called King Kong: The Musical. I wrote it and Jesse Terrill scored it but Jenny and Randy just won't produce it.

The zoo stuff is all true though. Or is it?

Enough of those shenanigans and on to some real honest to goodness blogging, which in this case involves me directing you to someone else's blog.

As you are aware at this point Rorschach is very excited to be working on a new piece by "hot young" playwright Jason Grote. I put the hot and young in quotes because I am sure on some level Jason is as sick of that term as Rorschach is of the terms scrappy and shoestring.

The first show of our season in Exile will be Jason's play This Storm is What We Call Progress. I have had trouble really boiling this show down in synopsis but there is someone out there who has done a pretty sweet job of it.

August Schulenburg (look mom he spells his name with an "sch" just like we do) who seems to be my opposite number at the Flux Theatre (actually Flux seems to have a whole crew of my opposite number, go figure) has given the show a pretty thorough run down after their company reading of the show last Sunday night in NYC.

To read his quite excellent run down and even a shout out to DC audiences to come see the Rorschach production in June, follow this LINK to the Flux Theatre Blog.

And if you want to spend some quality time with our playwright before you see Storm you can always visit Jason Grote's always entertaining blog HERE.

Remember theatre blogging is the new pink so get on board.

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